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tketcham (A), 23 images, 1590.47 kb.

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jolida_jd... 100 kb

Jolida JD9 phono preamplifier (2006 model)

schiit_fr... 100 kb

Schiit Freya S preamp / iFi iTube2 buffer / NAD M22 amp

Audio-Tec... 100 kb

Audio-Technica AT33PTG

DSCN3725-... 100 kb

Dynavector Karat 17D3 with Soundsmith hardware

audio-tec... 60 kb

Audio-Technica ART9

michellac... 59 kb

JA Michell lightweight acrylic mounting plate (135g) for SME

michellac... 57 kb

JA Michell Engineering Gyro SE with SME 309

schiit_lo... 100 kb

Schiit Audio Loki Max Frequency Curves

schiit_lo... 89 kb

Schiit Audio Lokius Tone Control Sweeps

schiitlok... 77 kb

Schiit Audio Loki Mini Tone Control Sweeps

lprecords... 42 kb

LP Records Percent by Weight & Thickness

lprecords... 59 kb

LP Records Thickness by Weight

lp_play_t... 46 kb

LP Play Time Per Side

platterma... 97 kb

Platter mats to adjust SRA

platterma... 100 kb

Platter mats to maintain 2.00mm record surface height

platterma... 97 kb

Platter mats to maintain 1.90mm record surface height.

sme309_he... 63 kb

SME 309 height adjustment (VTA) bolts.

gyrosecab... 50 kb

Michell Engineering Gyro SE tonearm cabling

gyrosepla... 13 kb

Gyro SE platter nut in situ

gyrosepla... 11 kb

Gyro SE platter nut underside

gyrose_ch... 48 kb

Gyro SE chassis installation

sme309_ar... 100 kb

SME 309 arm lift instructions

Gyro-SmeP... 24 kb

Gyro-SME grounding strap

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