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Rick R (A), 18 images, 1558.78 kb.

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JH_45-845... 61 kb

John Hogan 6SN7/45/845 integrated amp

jh_76-300... 91 kb

John Hogan 6SN7/76/300B integrated amp

jh_45_300... 34 kb

John Hogan 6J5/45/300B mono integrated amp

eimac_1.j... 87 kb

Eimac 2-240A as an input tube

eimac_2.j... 58 kb

Eimac 2-240A as an input tube shot #2

766sn745f... 100 kb

John Hogan SRPP 76/single 6SN7/45 stereo amp

jh_76-300... 91 kb

John Hogan SRPP 6SN7/76/300B stereo amp.

JH_845_1.... 100 kb

John Hogan (Fi Primer?) 6SN7/45/845 stereo amp

JH_26-45_... 72 kb

John Hogan Fi Primer 6SN7/26/45 mono amps. 2006

6sn726vt5... 100 kb

John Hogan VTV/Fi Primer hybrid 6SN7/26/VT52 mono amps.

Home_offi... 100 kb

Home Office Equipment Rack

home_offi... 100 kb

Home Office Speakers - Coincident Triumph

JH_26-300... 94 kb

John Hogan 26/300B amp

JH_6SN7_p... 70 kb

John Hogan 6SN7 preamp

small_obe... 100 kb

Shahinian Obelisks as Office Monitors

mod_15_of... 100 kb

Altec Model 15 Monitors in Office

mod_15_w_... 100 kb

Double monitors in Office - maybe a little too much

sachiko_.... 100 kb

Sachiko cabinet with Fostex FE 203en-s drivers

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