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dadbar (A), 14 images, 1127.61 kb.

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lv_room.j... 100 kb

Rotating new stuff into the living room (with Dynaco A25)

eating_ro... 100 kb

Eating zone....with AR5's

office.JPG 100 kb

Current office system- with smaller Advent

sleeping_... 100 kb

private quarters....homebrew 2A3 and Heresy

DSCN6910.... 92 kb

My homebrew clock radio monoblock-

DSCN6913.... 91 kb

Taking the static off Iron Butterfly with my Simco Aerostat XC destaticizer. This is the best investment I've made next to my VPI 16.5. The VPI takes the noise off..the Simco keeps it off. I can now deionize while in the jackets prior to storage.

DSCN6914.... 100 kb

50th Birthday present from the Mrs- nothing says I LOVE YOU like a dumpster

Image1.jpg 6 kb

My amp at night....the replacement fireplace

DSCN7482.... 100 kb

My upgraded ARXA with Mayware Formula 4 MkIII- with newly fashioned armrest...courtesy of the parts draw.

Picture_0... 7 kb


scan0001.... 31 kb

Fake fireplace...records on the rug...Pearls and big hair....built in killer Fisher stereo...take me back to 1963, please.

DSCN8154.... 100 kb

AX84 P1 Amp- built from a donor bottom feeder solid state amp..reused the chassis and case using schematic from the AX84.com web site....works great

DSCN8158.... 100 kb

AX84 P1 guitar amp- front view. Practice guitar amp- from front- single ended (AX84.com P1 schematic) using a single EL84 power tube and 12AX7 gain stage.

DSCN8459.... 100 kb

My wife made a Manta Ray turntable mat for me. Little pieces of smooth bone support the record. Works well.,,looks great.

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