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denden11 (A), 19 images, 1779.70 kb.

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100_1513.... 73 kb

Listening Room--Martin Logan Prodigy

100_1495.... 95 kb

Prodigy and ASC Sound Planks

audio_002... 100 kb

Krell KSA 250 Amp on Custom Isolation Stand

100_1508.... 100 kb

Back of listening room

equipment... 100 kb

Equipment in isolated room.

frontend.... 100 kb

Front end on custom isolation rack.

turntable... 100 kb

Solid Steel 6.4 Rack for Analogue

records.j... 100 kb

Partial batch of vinyl.

audio_003... 100 kb

VPI HW-19 w/TNT Platter, SAMA and Eminent

audio_004... 100 kb

Fabricated dustcover framework from PVC

audio_005... 100 kb

Step in rear for cable clearance

audio_006... 100 kb

Light weight full protection

audio_007... 100 kb

Anti static cover placed over framework

100_2031.... 14 kb

Homebrew cabinet isolation & leveling using Herbies SS Pucks.

100_2034.... 98 kb

Finished product. Major audible improvement over casters.

100_2033.... 100 kb

Outrigger isolation for cabinet.

100_1161.... 100 kb

My "Rock Star" nephew

100_1162.... 100 kb

El and Onno a.k.a.

100_1164.... 100 kb

Onno's tools of the trade!

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