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B. Scarpia (A), 42 images, 3796.46 kb.

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img_4974.... 100 kb

Bedroom Workshop

img_4908.... 55 kb

Map for Traveler-ing

12184998_... 100 kb

Light Of My Life

woodworki... 100 kb

Music Stand; Mahogany and Bubinga, classic Shaker Table base with hand cut sliding dovetail legs let into the column

woodworki... 100 kb

Make-up table; Melamine and White Oak

woodworki... 100 kb

Bedroom Set; Formica and Natural Brazilian Rosewood

woodworki... 100 kb

Tage Frid Style Tool Cabinet

kit_one_c... 83 kb

Altec model 19 Homage; Book Matched Fiddleback Anegre and Mahogany veneer, Brass

rndtable.... 13 kb

Shaker Dining Table; White Oak, Pegged Mortise and Tenon construction, no metal fasteners

site1210.... 79 kb

A few past builds

img_4530.... 100 kb

Another past build; Dual Mono DHSET UX-45 Amp Padauk Casework

img_4521.... 100 kb

UX-45 John Tucker/Steve Brown/Me Simple 45: Parafeed DHTSE direct-coupled, dual mono, all Magenequest 1.8 Watts

p61900111... 67 kb

My First complete DIY System 2002 - Theater 4 Pi's, Bottlehead Foreplay and Paramours, restored AR-XA

p6190009.... 75 kb

Heart of that first system, the Gateway Drug

ar_re_bui... 65 kb

Total Beater single motor XA bought on Ebay for $50 restored with new motor

img_4927.... 100 kb

When you need to make 12 identical cuts by hand you build a Jig:

img_4928.... 100 kb

1 1/2" Maple shelves with 20 year-old yellowed finish planed and sanded to bare wood with angled cuts to fit into leg mortises

img_4929.... 100 kb

img_4958.... 82 kb

Gue-up with System Three epoxy tinted to match the walnut

img_4970_... 100 kb

Completed rack

img_4303a... 70 kb

KT-88 Mono Blocks based on the Mullard 5-20 circuit which introduced the EL-34. From the diyaudio thread with an all-star cast of contributors

img_4302_... 100 kb

KT-88 Under the hood

img_4975.... 100 kb

$300 alignment protractor anyone can make for about 50 Cents

img_5058.... 100 kb

img_4392a... 100 kb

Joseph Esmaila/Steve Brown JE Labs 76 Line Stage

img_4329.... 100 kb

76 Line Stage innards showing Broskie Filament regulator

img_4994.... 79 kb

Current system 4/1/21 with 4 Pis now on sand boxes

1016-warn... 29 kb

img_5061.... 100 kb

Pass ACP+ Headphone Amp/Pre-amp

img_2666_... 100 kb

xlh_001.j... 100 kb

first_coa... 100 kb

img_0598_... 100 kb

img_5080.... 100 kb

img_5085.... 100 kb

img_5086.... 100 kb

img_5082.... 100 kb

big_toob_... 100 kb

img_2643_... 100 kb

img_4382.... 100 kb

img_4342_... 100 kb

img_5089.... 100 kb

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