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Travis (A), 13 images, 1145.12 kb.

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IMG_0071.... 41 kb

Entry way to man cave

IMG_0069.... 63 kb

MC2505 which runs the rear DynaQuaded speakers

DSC_8323.... 42 kb

Grado 325is woodied

IMG_2430.... 100 kb

GrooveTracer 130 gram counterweight

IMG_2871.... 100 kb

GrooveTracer Reference sub-platter with white belt upgrade

IMG_2854.... 100 kb

GrooveTracer Delrin platter for RP6

IMG_2849.... 100 kb

Ortofon 2M Black

IMG_2864.... 100 kb

Ready To Go!

IMG_3486.... 100 kb

One of the best mono records I've ever heard.

img_45031... 100 kb

Little Boy GemTune GS-01

img_44241... 100 kb

Big Boy Tekton Lore

fullsizeo... 100 kb

SS preamp feeds a tube amp, backwards I know.  Akitika PR-101

img_3407.... 100 kb

GrooveTracer record weight

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