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Triode Pete (M), 14 images, 1027.21 kb.

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2A3conv.j... 100 kb

My 2A3 / 45 Convertible Amps (Tango XE-20S)

437a&mr-7... 60 kb

Western Electric 437A preamp & McIntosh MR-78 tuner

K-hornlef... 33 kb

Rosewood Klipschorn, left, KB-RO

KhornLHS.... 100 kb

Rosewood K-horn (left side) KB-RO

K-hornrig... 45 kb

Left Rosewood Klipschorn, circa 1974

LR1.jpg 55 kb

Main listening room with K-horns

KhornRHS.... 100 kb

Rosewood K-horn (right side) KB-RO

Rack.jpg 53 kb

SACD Player, MR-78, WE 437A, 2A3-45 SET's

2A3ppp.jpg 100 kb

2A3 push-pull parallel Class A monoblocks

417A_top.... 100 kb

Top view of Loesch & Wiesner 417a preamp

417Apre.j... 7 kb

Front face of the 417A preamp

300b-50-1... 73 kb

300B or 50 or 10 tube convertible SET's

TannoyMS.... 100 kb

2nd System - Tannoy 12" Gold Music Seeker (Cherry)

Tannoyroo... 100 kb

2nd System Room

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