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Tom B. (A), 154 images, 12169.72 kb.

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abbyrooms... 100 kb

I had a very good friend take photos of my original room with his Contact medium format camera.  The resolution is waaay beyond my digital camera.

smeIVpic2... 100 kb

I replaced the Rega tonearm with a SME IV in the Summer of 2001....What an improvement!!

clearaudi... 73 kb

I picked up this Clearaudio Champion II in January 2001. At first with a Rega RB 250 by Origin Live/ Benz Ruby II completed the package.

paraglows... 100 kb

I want assure the curious, these 3 Watt mono Blocks can fill the house with Music with Power to spare!

KOB232.JPG 38 kb

KOB blowout at Anson's

fiveguys.... 50 kb

1930 Berlin/ Walter,Toscanini,E.Kleiber,Klemperer,Furtwangler.  Just imagine, Klemperer, Walter, Kleiber, and Furtie conducting in the same city at the same time!! Klemperer was the trouble maker / His Kroll Opera had definite left wing leanings

mastersol... 40 kb

My 1st Graham 2.2 combo w/ Koetsu Urishi and Benz L2 Wood on Rega RB250/ arm wands at the ready have a Benz Ruby 2 and Lyra Helikon Mono

Visual_AR... 100 kb

Beautiful Westminster / Julian looks to be 19! / Saw him twice in concert

bernabe1f... 82 kb

Dauphin Cedar/Brazilian Rosewood, Bernabe Spruce/Indian Rosewood,1928 Weyman steel string acoustic

IMG_0159_... 76 kb

Blurred pic of me taken by my nephew

no.3.JPG 59 kb

Schnabel's Beethoven Society Edition 1st Release on Vinyl / 1956 on RCA LM9500

Picture_0... 100 kb

A UK ALP Mono Record Label/ I Love UK Mono Vinyl......so does My Lyra Helikon Mono LOMC  !!!!!!

keith75.J... 39 kb

Kieth Richards photo taken by me/ Cow Palace, SF / 1975/ Played in open tuning for the most part with the 6th string missing.

srv.jpg 76 kb

S.R.V.    With his 1937 "O Type" F-Hole/ 12 Fret  National Guitar/ I love Slotted Head Guitars!

beck75.JPG 13 kb

Photo of Jeff Beck by me/ SF 1975 Winterlan Aud./ With crap pick-up band as usual/ His "Truth" tour of 1969 was transcendant!

eric74.JPG 26 kb

Photo of Eric Clapton & "Blackie" by me/ 1974 Cow Palace, SF/ The famous Stratocaster was sold at auction for 959K in 2004!!

clark64.j... 20 kb

I acquired this photo from the  Pro who took it in 1964.Having won Formula I championship of 63, allowed Clark to have the number 1 on his Lotus 25 for all of the following year.

jackie_st... 100 kb

I Collect Period Photographs of Formula One  Cars from the 1960s

glennglov... 71 kb

Wierd Wonderful Glenn. My folks saw him perform in SF on his very last tour.

OttoKlemp... 12 kb

Born in Germany in 1885. Pictured here in the  early 1920s. He died in  Geneva/ 1973. He obtained his first position as conductor with a little help from Gustav Mahler!

ottointro... 43 kb

Klemperer after a fight in LA....Go get'em Otto/ His son Werner loved the US/ Became an actor / Major Credit: Colonel KLINK!

51396S4XM... 41 kb

Martha before she got old..........sigh

Borodin-Q... 50 kb

Shostakovich String Quartets Nos. 12, 13 / Borodin String Quartet/ Melodiya

abs8.jpg 60 kb

My uncle was WWII POW/ He used to listen to this all the time...Odd !!

barraud2.... 49 kb

If He Only Knew!

klemperer... 56 kb

German Premier of Oedipus Rex at the Kroll/ Stravinsky, Dulberg, & Klemperer

IMG_0070.... 81 kb

Spinning Jimmy Smith

figure5in... 100 kb

"I Saw the Figure 5" by Demuth/ Schoenbergs burst of Inspiration concerning the "Emancipation of the Dissonance" from 1908 and onward changed music forever!

richtersh... 100 kb

Sviatoslav Richter (1915-1997)embodied the Beauty of  Music in the 20th Century

IMG_0054.... 100 kb

The Ultimate St Matt's Passion/ Palm Sunday 1939/1st released in 1951

IMG_0056.... 100 kb

Those Beautiful Minigroove's/ When Philips was pressing some of THE BEST vinyl on earth!

beet6phil... 93 kb

PHILIPS "HiFi Stereo" Plum Label/ GREAT Vinyl

beet6phil... 100 kb

Philips distributed US Columbia in Europe

beet6eyel... 92 kb

American Counter- part/ Columbia Masterworks "Six Eye" Mono

beet6colu... 88 kb

Considering this is one of my fav's / I wanted a mono mix as well as stereo!

IMG_0046.... 100 kb

More Great Information including Fantastic Covers.....ALL Classical

ed-1.jpg 93 kb

UK DECCA SXL  ED-1 "Original Recording By" at the 10 Oclock Position on rim of Label

ed-2a.jpg 100 kb

UK DECCA SXL  ED-2a "Made in England By" at the 10 Oclock Position on the Rim of Label

shostievs... 100 kb

Stunning Artwork / Stunning Performances

shostievc... 100 kb

World Premier Recording/ Oistrakh is awesome as usual!!

abendroth... 59 kb

Abendroth's Beethoven No.9/ Great Packaging!

IMG_0062.... 100 kb

Schoenberg String Quartets / Early Blue Columbias

Blue-Chee... 100 kb

Early Pressing with Augustus Owsley Stanley III / full name on back cover/  Marshall amps run amuck! Lol, they played my High School my Senior Year.

kronos1.j... 97 kb

Kronos has been introducing new composers to the world for the past  30 years.

krenek1.j... 97 kb

Kreneks' friendship with Stravinsky influenced the latter to move to  "Serialist" music .  Webern  was admired by both especially  his Choral music

brunooolp... 100 kb

Bruno Walter  was a major presence in the world of music. He's a bit too Romantic at times/ His Mozart doesn't have Klemperer's menace. He never bothered with 20th century composers.

wallyscal... 100 kb

I love this thing! I can change Armwand/Cartridges within 6-7 minutes. One of the fortunate few to successfully conduct business with Wally!

graham3.j... 79 kb

Great over head shot of one of the finest tone arms in the world IMHO. It was between this or a Moerch, but the Graham won out. The Nott has the option of adding another armboard!! I'd love a 12" option in the future.

benz1.jpg 68 kb

My Ruby is still playing beautifully with Seven years of steady use and shows no sign of giving up the ghost!

helikonhe... 46 kb

The Lyra Helikon Mono LOMC tracking Beautifully

IMG_0128.... 100 kb

A sample of a Schoenbergs 12 tone Musical Score in both Horizontal as well as Vertical Planes.

kandinsky... 43 kb

After attending a Schoenberg concert in 1911, Kandinsky was inspired to both paint the above painting within 48 hours, as well as to invite the visionary composer to join the "Blue Riders".  The society promoted "modernism" in Art

schoenber... 100 kb

The Great Franz Marc/ Co-founder of Blue Rider/ Wasn't quite as fond of Schoenberg's paintings as Kandinsky was /Killed at Verdun 1916.

segoviall... 90 kb

Very Young Andres Segovia seated next to Miguel Llobet

abbysub.j... 42 kb

I really would like to intergrate Terry Cains' Sub with my Abbys. Now that Terry is gone, I'm not sure I will have that  option in  the future.

durerknig... 93 kb

Engraving by Albrecht Durer "The Knight, Death, and the Devil".  No one even came close to mastering this incredibly difficult art form like Durer.  With the Printing press came a move away from engraving to the far easier etching proc

albrechtd... 47 kb

Durers' Self Portrait circa 1500. Very strong Christological overtones. One of the very first attempts to celebrate an individual identity. Like his engravings, etchings, and hundreds of woodcuts, his work in oils is breathtaking.

bernabear... 3 kb

Logo for the Luthier who built my modelo 30. California Sequoia top aged for 30 years! Indian roeswood back & sides

williams_... 100 kb

John Williams is one of the Best! I had the honor of taking Master classes with him/ Great Teacher / Shown with Guitar by Fleta

rosewoodg... 41 kb

Display case at Rosewood Guitars in Seattle Washington / Was Tutored by Garry Bissari for six years.......scales and arpeggio excercises became a way of Life.

paulinobe... 16 kb

Paulino Bernabe was one of Spains' greatest luthiers. I've owned two of his creations with 30-50 year old German Spruce and California Redwood tops/ Indian Rosewood back and sides. Both were covered with hand rubbed French Polish.

vinylplay... 41 kb

My Koetsu Urishi in action/ Benz L2 Wood on Origin Live RB250

page1.JPG 52 kb

Photo by me of my former trainer on my Horse/ What a breeze....shot in color with 200 mm Auto Focus Nikon lense.

mastersol... 48 kb

meand_har... 30 kb

My friend Harold and yours truly stripping down my VW bus for scrap. I could'nt prove ownership for junk yard. Hauled tons of contraband in that thing!

cream1968... 24 kb

One of a series of shots of the boys by Jim Marshall in San Francisco Hotel

sweetcaro... 12 kb

Shot with Yashica Medium Format camera with  120 mm lense. I used ASA 100 Agfa film on timed exposure.

sisterand... 28 kb

Shot with Yashica Medium Format camera with  90 mm lense. I used ASA 100 Agfa film at  At  F16 at 60 th/sec using tripod.

baboon.jpg 100 kb

Kokoschka was a brilliant Viennese Expressionist.  He had a year long relationship with Alma Mahler before she met her second husband. Walter Gropius (husband No.3) was good friends with the artist.

ottodixth... 100 kb

Otto Dix was politically active after Germanys' loss in WW1.  As with George Groz, he created art that was identitfied with the new left. The national Socialist hated his work. All this activity clearly was reflected in the Music of the era.

kollwitz1... 100 kb

German artist Kathie Kollwitz was never in the Expressionist camp. She captured the wounded human soul like no other! In the 1890s, she was very active in the early Labor Movement/ Back in the day of German Marxism and Anarchy

maxbeckma... 100 kb

Beckman depicted the horrors of war on many a canvas. He too, was not fond of the German Expressionists. He Isolated himself in N. Germany and developed independently

IMG_0186.... 93 kb

For Me, the STAX 006ti + 404 Earphones smoke my Headroom amp/ Theres' no competition!!

IMG_0171.... 97 kb

MY Step Up Transformer sitting atop my EAR Amp / Before I hid it on the Floor / It sure isn't as pretty as my  EAR MC3!!

IMG_0096_... 100 kb

EAR 834P/ Hovland Cap Mods/ Using NOS Sylvannia 12 AU7s + Amperex  5751 for Output/ reduces Gain 20%, but it's SWEET!

system1.j... 70 kb

Nottingham Space Deck w/ Graham 2.2 Tonearm/ IC-70 Phono Cables / with additional armwand and cartridge lying below ready for a quick change!

system5a.... 96 kb

My Sound Kingdom/ 10' X 12' w/ Nearfield speakers/ My head is 8' from the drivers/ Doesn't show my Marantz 8100 SACD/CD player

best.jpg 83 kb

My Marantz 8001 SACD/CD Audio-Only Player/ Built Like a Tank/ Massive Torodial Trannie/ Listen to Classical Piano mostly

furtwangl... 100 kb

The Ultimate Ring Cycle/ Furtwangler w/ the RAI in Rome 1953.....Not the 1950 La Scala performance

harleyrac... 20 kb

Harley Oval Track Racer 1921/ The Oval track was made of 2x4 wooden planks that would get torn up and flooded with oil / NOT for the faint of heart.

glenngoul... 100 kb

Glenn's Piano in his Toronto Apartment soon after his death on 10/04/1982 at the age of 50.

glenngoul... 100 kb

A Great View of Gould's very low angle in relation to the keyboard by virtue of his infamous, very worn piano chair

Picture_4... 78 kb

Columbia ML 5060 : Recorded in June 1955 :  One of the Biggest Selling Classical Releases in History. SONY is getting Rich off it to this day!!

Picture_4... 100 kb

UK RCA Victrola pressed by UK Decca/ For Me, it was a great way of obtaining LSCs for an affordable price in True NM condition!

Picture_4... 100 kb

All the UK Victrolas Covers have incredible Artwork

pictures_... 100 kb

Richter's Performance of "Pictures" in Bulgaria 1958 continues to be the standard by which all other recordings are measured

Picture_4... 86 kb

Wilhelm Kempff's 1951-56 Mono Beethoven Cycle. DGG didn't export their records to US in the 50s/ American Decca was Their distributor...UHGG

Picture_4... 100 kb

Schoenberg and his most accomplished students were referred to as The 2nd Vienese School (Mozart & co. being the 1st) Webern was shot by a G.I. in the lasts days of WWII

classical... 61 kb

The view of the Clearaudio Master Solution from the Rega RB250 point of reference

mastersol... 62 kb

Way too much in this set-up/ Graham 2.2  + two additional armwands, SME IV, and RB250 Origin Live/ EAR MC3 SUT shown at bottom

graham_ni... 64 kb

Joe-Wrigh... 29 kb

Picture_0... 100 kb

Great Cover Art/ Excellent Six-Eye Mono Recording and Performance

Picture_0... 100 kb

Fantastic Speakers corner Box Set/ The Original DGG Recordings Needed All the Help They  Could Get.

Picture_0... 100 kb

It does get a bit confusing/ This is a French/UK Columbia Recording, which in the end is owned by EMI

IMG_0034.... 100 kb

French Pathe-EMI

Picture_0... 100 kb

Horowitz with his 14' wall full of Scores

backhaus5... 100 kb

German Decca / I love this cover!

backhaus4... 100 kb

German Decca gold and black label....Gorgeous!

zarathrus... 88 kb

London "blueback" FFSS / a beautiful Valve recording. All this would be replaced withh SS equipment around 1963

angel_uk.... 100 kb

Emi established Angel for distribution in US in 1953. Angel records were pressed in UK until 1957/ They are fantastc. Just be sure about the "Made in England"

MILES_055... 100 kb

John Coltrane on Vinyl / Stereo or not, I listen to him in mono!

guitars.J... 69 kb

You Might Say I like Guitars!

JAZZ_Glen... 100 kb

Glenn Gould Vinyl Collection

okeefe.jpg 25 kb

Great  Shot of Painter Georgia O'Keefe by Her Husband Alfred Stieglitz circa 1919

VISUAL_AR... 100 kb

What was RCA Thinking ??

CARS_015.... 89 kb

Rinchie Ginther / BRM /Monte Carlo GP

CARS_018.... 100 kb

Phil Hill / 1961 Shark Nose Ferrari / Monte Carlo GP

CARS_016.... 81 kb

John Surtees / Ferrari in 1962

CARS_003.... 100 kb

Dan Gurney / 1962 Porche 902

trevortay... 100 kb

Trevor Taylor driving the conventional built Lotus 24/ 1962

Picture_2... 100 kb

The Old Days/ Now all of my digital stuff is on either of Four HDs/ Playing through my Laptop with a  California Audio Labs Sigma II 24-96K Tube DAC

Alfred_St... 52 kb

Photo by Alfred Stieglitz

bresson3.... 50 kb

Photo by Bresson

December_... 100 kb

French EMI 12" / Beethoven's Eroica - Furtwangler

Visual_AR... 100 kb

Egon Scheile

schiele1.... 69 kb

Egon Scheile

schoenber... 57 kb

Arnold Schoenberg - Self Portait

beethoven... 100 kb

East German ETERNA Cover

george_pa... 34 kb

George and Patti Harrison

joy_gun.j... 30 kb

Joy practicing with her new 45 Automatic

karajan_p... 36 kb

HVK in his one-of-a-kind RS Porche Turbo

IMG_0048.... 100 kb

My Classical Record Registry

philreese... 100 kb

James Mitchell's RCA + Victrola Bible / Phil Reese's UK Mono and Stereo Guide

thebook.j... 93 kb

The Book !! the beautiful publication set me back $90 12 years ago. Way OOP now, but it has pressing info on all Classical labels no matter how small / A Tremendous acheivment and a labor of Love

IMG_0143.... 100 kb

I LOVE Fine Art Books. I must have over 100 volumes.....from Greek Sculpture through the Renaissance including Durer in the North onto Rembrandt, Velasquez, Von Gogh, Kandinsky, and Rothko !

Miles_fra... 44 kb

Photograph by Francis Wolf  1954/ I picked up a lithograph of this print from Acoustic Sounds.Look's great in it's frame.

Picture_0... 100 kb

Yes, I realize some folks are tired of this Warhorse, but I still LOVE Furtie's 1951 classic w/ Liz

ME_Christ... 30 kb

This is me Christmas 2010......another relative's lousy photographic skills at play. I've had a few too many cocktails.

Cain_and_... 86 kb

I was blown away when I received my Abbys in a substantial wooden crate.......no cardboard in sight! I stole this pic, but my crate was exactly like this one.

classical... 100 kb

John Williams is the BEST! Bach Lute Suites haven't been done better than William's 1970s recording.

backhaus_... 100 kb

From L to R/ Recent Japanese Super King Analogue- American London Blue Back- London Narrow Band- 1970s Japanese London Wide Band.....I guess you could call it a Blue Back as well.

VISUAL_AR... 100 kb

This still remains my reference recording of  "Das Lied von der Erde"

VISUAL_AR... 80 kb

I love most of the recordings of Mahler by Otto Klemperer....including the 9th (on UK pressing, of coarse)

VISUAL_AR... 100 kb

Far and away the best Mahler 2nd EVER!!! Long live Klempie on UK vinyl!

VISUAL_AR... 100 kb

I prefer Walter's Mahler recordings of the late 40s and early 50s when he was with the NYPO rather than with those crazy Columbians.....except for that glorious Beethoven 6th!

mayall.jpg 100 kb

A Photo by me of John Mayall in Berkeley 1976/ Mike Bloomfield opened for him!

mcglauphl... 100 kb

Saw the amazing John McGlauphlin (?) at the same 1975 concert  that Jeff Beck was playing. At the end of it all , both guys got up on stage and Jammed together!

mickjagge... 100 kb

Photo by me of Mick from the Stones concert at the Cow Palace in 1975.

bishop1.j... 100 kb

Photo by me of Elvin Bishop in the day time for once circa Summer of 1975

wooden_ms... 99 kb

wooden_ms... 86 kb

wooden_ms... 100 kb

What a Great looking label created by Fahey's Tacoma Records

December_... 93 kb

Jerry_Rog... 100 kb

Round Records produced beautiful recordings. Made Garcia and the Dead recordings on Warner Bros. thinner......lacking the warmth and full bodied sound of Round Pressings

Jerry_Rog... 100 kb

Jerry_Rog... 100 kb

Jerry_Rog... 100 kb

HELIKON_0... 96 kb

The Helikon Mono tracking a 1952 DGG pressing of Willie Kempff's Beethoven Sonata Cycle. Sound so much better than the CD.

SOLID_STA... 100 kb

The Micro Benz Ruby II is ready for a spin. The Helikon Mono always stays at the ready.

Coinciden... 95 kb

While my SET/ 2A3 was out of commission for a month. I thought I'd try out my SS amp with conventional two-way Coincident Triumph IIs. I didn't like it! Brought back the Abbys and everything's fine!

Picture_6... 100 kb

The BORED used to give out presents. I lost  a couple of the treasured Yo Yos, but still have three of them. Thank's Rod!!

vpi_soake... 100 kb

A side view of my soaked VPI 16.5 before I repaired it. Replaced motor and soaked center board, It's working just fine now for over three years!

hair2.jpg 77 kb

Christmas 2011 with Luke

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