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Paul Butterfield (P), 8 images, 421.75 kb.

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DSCN0942.... 18 kb

HEDLUND SUB, side view

DSCN0958.... 18 kb

HEDLUND SUB, bottom detail

DSCN0981.... 17 kb

Driver for Hedlund Sub; custom Lambda 16"TD/MM

Dada_D.JPG 100 kb

Dada Darling v1 breadboard

Stack_o__... 31 kb

In the beginning; the TAD 2001 recovery project

TAD.650Hz... 42 kb

TD2001 on 650Hz Edgarhorn. Teflon Wire & Insulators

Whizzerec... 96 kb


Victoria1... 100 kb

The Victoria, a Victorian Horn

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