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a-4.jpg 100 kb

Kharma Exquisite 1d's and Tenor 75Wp's

a-3.jpg 100 kb

Tenor 75Wp's and Placette RVC

3-5.jpg 100 kb

Rockport Sirius III, Jena Labs Switchbox, Linn CD-12, Marantz SA-1, Lamm LP2 Delux

a-8.jpg 100 kb

the "Throne" with media wall behind, AA on the laptop

3-1.jpg 100 kb

Rockport System III Sirius

concept2_... 22 kb

concept floor plan for the new room. the actual plan of the new room is different in a few ways. the side angled panels are different......they now are not quite as angled....but actually angle into the center on the front wall.

speaker_e... 100 kb

new room---speaker end, with ceiling framing and 2" fiberglass lined ceiling.

ceiling_1... 100 kb

framing for soffets in rear corner

ceiling_2... 100 kb

ceiling framing above speaker end of room. note chambers on either side.

ceiling--... 100 kb

ceiling framing on sides of the room. note chamber (which will be fabric lined

Barn_4.jpg 100 kb

the Barn......

front_cor... 100 kb

note the framing in the corners. it is just tacked in since it will be removed to install the ceiling bottoms. then there will be 2" fibreglass on the cocoon walls and fabric over the stud walls.

right_fro... 100 kb

note the angle and that it tapers to a point toward the middle. the center curved diffusion panel will begin at the end of the fabric panel.

rear_with... 100 kb

the room's a mess.....but you can see the framing for the bass traps that will be on either side of Lp shelves....then the doorway in the middle.

back_wall... 100 kb

you can see the 2" fibreglass that will line the bass traps.....on the outside that is exposed it will be fabric covered.

ceiling_1... 100 kb

the unfinished maple veneer paneling is on the drop soffets. there is some fabric covered 1" fibreglass panels installed.

ceiling_2... 100 kb

note some drop soffets have the maple veneer installed. the verticle fabric covered 1" fibreglass will allow the bass to enter the soffets and dissapate.

ceiling_3... 100 kb

note the lead tape attached to the light cans to prevent any resonance. the cans are inside the soffets which serve as bass baffles. i was concerned that the bass energy would cause some ringing.

ceiling_4... 100 kb

this gives you a sense of what the chambers will look like.

ceiling_5... 100 kb

rear ceiling without maple veneer. you can see the fabric panel on the flat part of the recessed chamber.

cabinets_... 100 kb

right rear showing the 3 cd racks (no shelves yet) stepping back toward the center to 'round' the corner. then the LP rack is on the angled rear wall. the space in the corner between the cd and lp rack is a bass baffle.

cabinets_... 100 kb

the rear of the room showing both lp racks and all 6 cd racks

cabinets_... 100 kb

left rear and side of the room showing the frame for the left side diffuser panel. it is leaning against the wall since the electrical needs to be connected before it can be attached. it will fit snug against the cd racks.

cabinets_... 100 kb

closeup of right rear corner.

cabinets_... 100 kb

closeup of the lower part of cd racks (without shelves).

diff_1.jpg 100 kb

view toward front of room. shows framing for main diffuser panel and side wall fabric panels.

diff_2.jpg 100 kb

shows left front corner and fabric panels. between the corner and the round framing will be fabric panels. the vent cover is for the cold air return.

diff_3.jpg 100 kb

you can get a feeling for the angle of the side fabric covered bass baffle

diff_4.jpg 100 kb

you can see the depth and relief of the diffuser (which will be lined with 2" fibreglass, and skinned with a 1/4" plywood and then a Maple vennier)

diff_5.jpg 100 kb

you can now see the fabric covered bass traps on either side of the Lp racks

skinned_1... 100 kb

front diffuser with top and bottom rounded soffet skinned with 1/4 plywood. plywood is nailed to frame and nail holes are bondo'd to allow for a smooth application of the maple venier.

skinned_6... 100 kb

top and bottom soffets are skinned with the maple venier and the center diffuser is has the 1/4 plywood underlayment set.

skinned_2... 100 kb

shows the bottom soffet skinned and the middle diffuser lined with 2" fibreglass. the fibreglass will eliminate resonance from the diffuser.

skinned_3... 100 kb

side view of front diffuser assembly

skinned_5... 98 kb

shows diffuser integration with the ceiling and the diffuser seam filled with bondo. it must be perfectly smooth for the venier to adhere correctly.

finish_1.... 100 kb

this shows the front diffuser with it's final maple venier, but without the edge trim and stain.

finish_2.... 100 kb

veniered front diffuser. note the 'spots' on the picture.....that is the camera's flash reflecting off the dust from the finish sanding on the cabinetry. later this week all the cabinets will be stained.

hardwood_... 100 kb

the floor is #@$%&*ing beautiful. it comes out 10' 3" from the wall behind the speakers. the speakers will be near the front edge of the hardwood so first floor relections will be on carpeting (to be installed today).

HVAC_1.jpg 100 kb

kdone_1.j... 100 kb

the front fabric panels are complete and the front diffuser is trimed out.

kdone_2.j... 100 kb

cd shelves are in and the side diffuser is in. tomorrow it will be trimed and i can finally install my tt......yipeeeee!!!

kdone_4.j... 100 kb

these are diffuser panels in the center ceiling chamber. they have resulted in an amazing image focus and complete elimination of any image smear.....i would have never believed it if i hadn't heard it.

kdone_5.j... 100 kb

looking down the left side you can see the relationship between the side fabric panels, the side diffuser and cd shelves.

tt1.jpg 100 kb

Rockport Sirius III, Lamm LP2 delux phono stage, emmlabs DAC6 and switchbox.

tt2.jpg 100 kb

all sources and the transport with the cables coming out of the conduit in the floor for the transport.

tt3.jpg 100 kb

seating position and sources

a-full_ri... 100 kb

a-full_fo... 100 kb

a-458_281... 100 kb

a-NVS2C_A... 100 kb

a-Studers... 100 kb

a-back_of... 100 kb

a-458_and... 100 kb

a-458_rea... 100 kb

a-cables_... 100 kb

a-front_t... 100 kb

a-Anna_wi... 100 kb

Anna_side... 100 kb

a-NVS_281... 100 kb

a-Talea_2... 100 kb

a-Equi3Dt... 100 kb

a-Equi3Dt... 100 kb

a-Equi3Dt... 100 kb

a-full_ba... 100 kb

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