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PeterI (A), 15 images, 1421.66 kb.

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HK700-1.j... 100 kb

Harman Kardon A700 tube amplifier - 7591 outputs

ProAc2.jpg 100 kb

ProAc Response 1s

Cobalt1.j... 100 kb

JM Lab Cobalt 810 speakers

Predicta1... 100 kb

Predicta TV

EicoHF85.... 100 kb

Eico HF85 preamp 1960 - restored

QS_amp.jpg 100 kb

Quicksilver Mono KT88 amps (ca 1990)

advent-1.... 88 kb

Advent 300 rcvr FS

MHZS2.jpg 87 kb

MHZS CD33 player

Rega.jpg 100 kb

Rega Planar 3 , RB300 w/cardas wire

Me_n__Ste... 46 kb

My booth at Vintage Voltage Expo - CO

M1060.jpg 100 kb

Marantz 1060 amp

Scott1.jpg 100 kb

Scott 299D - one of the greatest ever

Merlin.jpg 100 kb

Merlin TSM-M

Room3.jpg 100 kb

The old room set-up

Fisher500... 100 kb

Fisher 500B

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