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MarkER (A), 21 images, 1688.40 kb.

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DSCN5337.... 54 kb

Aikido Phono (12AX7, 12AT7) and Preamp (6CG7) with common power supply

DSCN5336.... 73 kb

aikido phono and preamp boards and power supply

aikido_po... 47 kb

aikido power supply schematic

HPIM0646.... 100 kb

6AM4 parafeed linestage

HPIM0632.... 100 kb

6AM4 parafeed linestage underside view

schematic... 63 kb

6AM4 parafeed linestage power supply schematic

schematic... 36 kb

6AM4 parafeed linestage signal schematic

DSCN3178.... 81 kb

Bottlehead 300B Paramounts

DSCN2358.... 94 kb

Foreplay III Preamplifier before extended modification

DSCN3176.... 80 kb

Paramounts-Front View

DSCN3174.... 100 kb

Bottlehead Foreplay III and Seduction-underside

HPIM0587.... 100 kb

c4s Seduction with extended Foreplay III

HPIM0599.... 100 kb

Extended Foreplay III with Goldpoint 20K attenuators and Voltsecond input resistor mod

DSCN2364.... 66 kb

Bottlehead Straight 8s with lacewood veneer (original on right, ribbon tweeter version on left)

HPIM0582.... 100 kb

subwoofer with straight 8

HPIM0573.... 100 kb

Gary Kaufman 6S4A integrated amplifier

GK_Schema... 33 kb

HPIM0562.... 62 kb

layout planning

HPIM0579.... 100 kb

Gary Kaufman 6S4A integrated amplifier-back view

HPIM05641... 100 kb


HPIM05661... 100 kb

power supply and 1 channel

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