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jazz1 (A), 8 images, 799.92 kb.

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serge_hif... 100 kb

Pathos TT Anniversary 30 watts of bliss

serge_hif... 100 kb

Sony 5400 with acrylic base and top

serge_hif... 100 kb

speaker crossover, Mundorf parts 15 lbs each

speakers_... 100 kb

Townsend super tweeter, Scan Revelator tweeter and Audio Technology mid.

plugs_002... 100 kb

30 mm thick speaker slabs, each cabinet is made of 36 of these glued on top of each others to prevent parallel internal surface and adding rigity. It also eliminate most resonances

plugs_001... 100 kb

Oyaide wall plug and Lessloss power cords feeding Pathos TT and Sony 5400 SACD player, this made a big improvement in overall transparency and musicality

Jeannet_0... 100 kb

MY beloved DIY loudpseakers, at last I found a name for them "The Sultans"

1_001.JPG 100 kb

The music room!!!

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