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stellavox (A), 8 images, 753.59 kb.

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nikkotube... 100 kb

Nikko Tu(Be)ner inside

nikkotube... 100 kb

Nikko Tu(be)ner outside

st70bot.j... 100 kb

Dyna Stereo 70 6B4G mod bottom view

st70top.j... 100 kb

Dyna Stereo 70 mod top view

Attenin1.... 100 kb

Slagle Autoformer Attenuator - Radio Shack box

quadwooff... 100 kb

Quad Woofer Front

quadwoofb... 54 kb

Quad Woofer Back

quadwoofi... 100 kb

Quad Woofer Insides

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