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kavakidd (A), 18 images, 1622.54 kb.

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VPI_Turnt... 100 kb

VPI-MK-IV, SAMA, Super Arm Board, SME-IV, Shure V-15-VxMR with Jico SAS stylus, SS Clamp, Kimber TAK-H Cable

Turntable... 57 kb

Turntable again, Sonex hides wires nicely, Shelf is double 3/4" Ply, screwed, glued & Ceramic tiled

Sandbox4.... 72 kb

New Sand Box  under TT

DSCN0442.... 100 kb

NAD-6300 Cassette; Onkyo T-4055 Tuner; Audible Illusions Modulus 3a;.

My_Room_I... 71 kb

My Room II, Bookhelf, CD-rack, chalk marks still visible from moving speakers to match Cardas Scheme

HD-14.jpg 70 kb

Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures, Speltz Anti-Cable Bi-wired, Classe CA-100, Room Tunes, Mana Amp Stand, VPI Magic Brick, Pangea AC-9 Power cord, Long wall placement using Cardas Guidelines

My_Room_I... 68 kb

My Room III + More records, prior to moving speakers

Records-E... 100 kb

Records, Equipment Rack, Designed and built by me. All solid 5/4 pine except TT shelf - laminated & tiled double 3/4 plywood, screwed & glued (no tattoos).

Favorite_... 83 kb

Listening Seat, RPG Skyline Diffusor behind listening position

Kitties2.... 100 kb

My Pals - "Precious" & "Trouble"

DK_Hotrod... 100 kb

Good ol' days!

scan0001.... 100 kb

Early Audiophilia - Home built Altec 604-C circa 1954

scan0002.... 100 kb

Dad-Previewing a 6-eye at the radiostation circa 1964.

Herbie__s... 100 kb

Herbie's Dampers with spring tops

SAMA_in_P... 100 kb

SAMA in place on Black Diamond Shelf

Finished_... 100 kb

Finished Installation

Screed___... 100 kb

Screed, Sander & BD Shelf. Sander was used w/o sandpaper for final "tamping/settling" of sand

Making_Mu... 100 kb

Making Music

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