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eso (M), 48 images, 4386.70 kb.

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Loft_and_... 100 kb

The loft: 3-way horn mains sitting in the mouths of the Cement/stucco 30Hz bass horns.

TT2.JPG 100 kb

SOTA Star, SME IV, Ortofon MC 30 Super II

DIY_RCM.j... 51 kb

RCM built with a QRK broadcast TT, a rolling file cart from IKEA and a small shop vac.

Oldhorns.... 100 kb

75Hz Tractrix w/JBL D130, Yuich Arai 290 Hyperbolic w/JBL 2440, Fostex T925a Circa 2001

75Hz-Trac... 88 kb

LMS plot of 75Hz tractrix horn w/JBL D130 driver

Yuichi-pl... 100 kb

Yuich Arai 290Hz Hyperbolic horn w/ JBL 2440 driver

100-0042_... 100 kb

Tooling for 280Hz Trctrix horn ready to begin laminating parts

100-0043_... 100 kb

1st part pulled has a few flaws but works well. Epoxy/Kevlar lamination W/clear gelcoat.

280-Trac.... 100 kb

Plot of prototype Epoxy/Kevlar 280Hz tractrix horn w/JBL2440

100-0044_... 100 kb

New vs. Old: Smaller, Louder and lower distion. The only area the VOT performed better was 1/2 octave lower respnse.

oldsystem... 100 kb

Old systems in my old shop

70Hz-fold... 100 kb

My current midbass. Folding attenuates the breakup modes of the D130 significantly, and the horn loads well into the midbass region.

350trac_y... 100 kb

Comparison between Yuichi 290Hz radial hyperbolic and 350Hz Round Tractrix horn. The same JBL2440 was used in both tests.

Altec1005... 96 kb

Altec 1005A/ 288B driver combo. The plots are with and without damping in the backchamber. Difference is negligible.

Snake_oil... 80 kb

Snake Oilâ„¢

IMG_0013.... 100 kb

Metal1.jpg 100 kb

Public Image Limited Metal Box

Pool_Skat... 100 kb

circa 1977, a large swimming pool somewhere in Southern California

subIII_co... 100 kb

Prototype 8.5 cu/ft sub with B&C 21SW150

subIV_cop... 100 kb

Prototype 8.5 cu/ft sub with B&C 21SW150

300Hx_con... 54 kb

12 sided 300Hz conic horn in solid mahogany with Cogent driver

img_2044.... 100 kb

Super Nova

img_2038.... 100 kb

Re-bodied Denon Dl-103r, cocbolo

cogent.jpg 32 kb

Full Cogent/esodesignstudio horns

cogent_ii... 57 kb

Cloe-up of main array

cogent_ii... 62 kb

Full system #2

img_8966.... 100 kb

Super Nova with Vacuum Module

turntable... 64 kb

parts.jpg 100 kb

Original table torn down

original_... 100 kb

Original power supply module

new_power... 100 kb

New supply mock up

img_8066.... 100 kb

img_8068.... 100 kb

img_7784.... 100 kb

Main parts

img_8651.... 100 kb

Main Bearing

img_7780.... 100 kb

Vacuum module cover staves

img_7781.... 100 kb

Vacuum module glue up

img_7808.... 100 kb

Vacuum module turning

img_8426.... 100 kb

Vaccum module veneering

img_8431.... 100 kb


in_progre... 83 kb

Plinth covers in progress

plinth.jpg 61 kb


complete_... 60 kb

Completed Table

img_5542.... 100 kb

840 Crossovers/ 813B

img_9367.... 100 kb


urei.jpg 100 kb

Model and part

urei1.jpg 100 kb

More Parts

img_5560.... 100 kb

Complete Crossovers

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