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book_cove... 100 kb

Down memory lane for Baby Boomer audiophiles.  Lots of pictures.

condo_sys... 18 kb

My latest system in our condo - 07/21

condo.jpg 22 kb

My listening position - shades can cover the glass

P1010064.... 100 kb

In May, 2008, I moved to a smaller house and turned the 17' X 14' X 8' living room into my dedicated listening room by adding carpet, three dedicated 20 amp electrical circuits and French doors. Left rear view.

P1010060.... 100 kb

This is the listening spot which is 10' from the speakers.

P1010065.... 100 kb

Right front view showing equipment and Salamander rack. CD player is a Wadia 850 contected directly to Manley NeoClassic amps.  Cables are MIT Oracle V3s and speakers are Thiel 7.2s.

P1010062.... 100 kb

Left front view of the room.

P1010063.... 100 kb

Right rear view with CD rack.  Listening spot on the couch is 34" from the back wall.  I experimented with the sound treatment from my old room and ended up preferring it all placed here.

Audio_pic... 100 kb

This is the view from my listening spot.  The speakers fronts are 3' 8 from the front wall and 2' 10" on center from the side walls. They are 8' 6" apart.

P1010067.... 100 kb

This is part of my collection of mini-poster postcards advertising the shows at the Fillmore West from 1967 to 1969.

Audio_pic... 100 kb

This is my family room with the surround sound system with my iPod connected on the floor beside the fireplace.

my_music_... 43 kb

Old room - house/room completed in May, 1991. This is the right rear view. The room is 27'  X 17' X 10.5' high with a coffered ceiling. It is constructed with 2 layers of 5/8" sheetrock on offset  studs.  The floor is a concret slab.

my_music_... 35 kb

This is the listening spot. Behind it are a couple of Room Tunes to absorb reflections from the French doors. The speakers are 9' from the front wall, 3.5' from the side walls, and 10' from the listening spot which is 8' from the back wall

my_music_... 39 kb

This is the view from my listening spot. The heavy lined drapes are mounted out 6" from the windows to provide a cushion of air.  The ASC Tube Traps along the front bay windows are to reduce a 30Hz standing wave.

my_music_... 46 kb

This is my built-in equipment closet. The Wadia 850 CD player is attached directly to the two Manley Neo-Classic 250 amps. There are 5 X 20amp dedicated circuits in the closet with hospital grade outlets.

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