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Geof_abov... 100 kb

Skiing at Faraya, Lebanon, with Mediterranean Sea and Beirut in background

Chouf1.jpg 100 kb

Hiking trail in the Chouf cedar reserve, Lebanon

Chouf3.jpg 100 kb

Archetypal cedar in the Chouf cedar reserve, Lebanon

GibranMus... 100 kb

Street in front of the Khalil Gibran museum, Lebanon. Where else can you see Mediterranean fauna in the foreground and snow-capped mountains in the background!

HolyValle... 100 kb

Qadisha valley, "Valley of the Saints". Home of Maronite Christian population in Lebanon. Three different villages are visible. The mountains are filled with many caverns which became monasteries for monks during the first few centuries AD

Hawaii.jpg 100 kb

A photo from Lebanon that looks like it could be in Hawai'i

JesusCeda... 100 kb

The remnants of a 5000 year old cedar. There are three carvings of Jesus in this picture. Can you find them?

JesusCeda... 100 kb

One Jesus carving

JesusCeda... 100 kb

Another Jesus carving

TheCedar.... 100 kb

I am told that this Cedar tree is the one that inspired Lebanon's flag.

TenYearOl... 100 kb

A ten year old cedar tree. It is barely a foot tall.

Chouf2.jpg 100 kb

More cedars in the Chouf preserve. Note the park bench for scale.

Cedars1.j... 100 kb

More grand cedars. There is still snow on the ground in April.

Yum.jpg 100 kb

A yummy lunch after looking at cedars all morning! The big puffs are a type of kibbe- lamb mixed with potato and hand formed to a hollow sphere. The inside is empty except for some grease. Most Lebanese food is healthy. This isn't!

inverters... 100 kb

Six inverters in a row on a 0.5u 3M2P process

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