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SteveBrown (A), 19 images, 1571.25 kb.

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300B_Amp.... 100 kb

Schmatic of 300B - 417A SE amp

Back_Horn... 100 kb

Fostex FE166E in Back Loaded Horn

300B_Amp1... 14 kb

300B Amp

rek3a.JPG 5 kb

rek5a.JPG 5 kb

AR_XA-1.J... 82 kb


Simple45a... 100 kb


Simple45b... 100 kb

Simple45 Underside

DSC_0066.... 100 kb

DSC_0068.... 100 kb

DSC_0069.... 100 kb

060.JPG 91 kb

Recycled Heathkit AA-151 Iron

KT88_Buil... 100 kb

KT88 in progress - bias supply and part PS

KT88_Buil... 100 kb

Top and transformers got painted after this

KT88_Buil... 100 kb

PS terminal strip, KT88 amp

102.JPG 100 kb

KT88 in progress - chassis 2

106.JPG 100 kb

KT88 completed chassis

1061.JPG 100 kb

KT88 Amp

Man_Cave.... 74 kb

Current Listening Room

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