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theaudiohiffle (A), 14 images, 1399.86 kb.

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Main_-_Vi... 100 kb

Main System, View from Left Rear Speaker

Main_-_Li... 100 kb

Main System, view from above, behind main listening position

Main_-_Re... 100 kb

Recording Center - Teac 4070, Pan 3200 DAT, AA DTI Pro, Proceed PDP DAC

Main_-_Le... 100 kb

Left Equip Cabinet - Center Audionics BT2 preamp, Rear BT2 preamp, Front ARC SP6B preamp, Mono Front Audionics CC2 pwr amp

Main_-_Ri... 100 kb

Right Equip Cabinet - Marcoff PPA2 headamp, Crver TX11, Tosh 4700 DVD-A, Sony C222ES SACD, Audionics CC2 rear stereo pwr amp

Main_-_RR... 100 kb

Right Rear Speaker

Main_-_LR... 100 kb

Left Rear Speaker

Main_-_Li... 100 kb

Linn Sondek/Syrinx PU2/Accuphase AC2 (Marcoff headamp in right cabinet pic)

Main_-_Du... 100 kb

Dual 601, Shure, Marcoff (for Linn)

Main_-_Fr... 100 kb

VTL 85 all by its lonesome but well ventilated

Basement_... 100 kb

Basement - Recording Gear waiting to be set up - from left, Panasonic 3700 &3200, Scully 280, Ampex 440B, Otari MX-12

BR_-_Leon... 100 kb

Bedroom - Lenny the cat, Left Advent, Dual 701w/Dynavector Ruby, Marcoff PPA2 waiting to be installed

BR_-_FM90... 100 kb

Bedroom - Rt Advent and Fisher FM90B tuner

BR_-_Vint... 100 kb

Bedroom Vintage System - Fisher KX-200, Nak CR1, Phillips 889CD

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