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tketcham (A), 10 images, 703.24 kb.

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Audio-Tec... 100 kb

Audio-Technica AT33PTG

DSCN3725-... 100 kb

Dynavector Karat 17D3 with Soundsmith hardware

jolida_jd... 100 kb

Jolida JD9 phono preamplifier (2006 model)

Gyro-SmeP... 24 kb

Gyro-SME grounding strap

michellac... 59 kb

JA Michell lightweight acrylic mounting plate (135g) for SME

sme309_he... 63 kb

SME 309 height adjustment (VTA) bolts.

gyrosecab... 50 kb

Michell Engineering Gyro SE tonearm cabling

lprecordg... 64 kb

LP Record Sample - Graph of Weight and Thickness

lprecordg... 46 kb

LP Record Sample - Percent by Weight and Thickness

platterma... 97 kb

Platter mats to adjust SRA

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