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wirewizard (M), 9 images, 710.95 kb.

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SS852838.... 83 kb

My system

SS852569.... 91 kb

My system

334.jpg 36 kb

Mission MS772 monitors

SS852730.... 89 kb

Clairvoyant Cables Ultra Helix Gold speaker cable

SS852692.... 80 kb

Clairvoyant Cables Ultra Parallel Gold interconnect

SS852695.... 75 kb

Clairvoyant Cables Ultra Helix Gold PC Power cord

SS852544.... 83 kb

My foray into speakers

SS852550.... 77 kb

Clairvoyant Cables 24K Gold plated 99.9999% OCC Copper wire

SS852568.... 97 kb

burning in a pair of my interconnects

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