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Les Hudson (M), 60 images, 3338.65 kb.

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IMGA0750.... 75 kb

This horn turned out to be one of the most impressive designs and is still one of  the best sounding speaker that I've heard as a stand alone (without a subwoofer). Linear bass down to 35hz. The bass has amazed everyone . 1 - 6" driver

IMGA0741.... 83 kb

Clabby style, Voigt Pipes. This design allows the driver to articulate almost as well as an Open Baffle. Rolls off at about 70hz so it must have a subwoofer

IMGA0855.... 69 kb

Hedlund construction..I  widened the design 19mm and added a center piece through the entire horn for structure where it needs it the most. This splits the horn into dual flute. Sounds better than any bass reflex. Rolls off at about 50hz

000_0249.... 100 kb

18" Wavebox subwoofers and 12" coaxials I built for a night club

000_0351.... 49 kb

Homebrew Glory SET 45 (Modded) The best sounding amp that I've ever heard ( at low volume levels)

000_0318.... 61 kb

SET 2A3 Homebrew   modded Loften / White design The second best amp that I've ever heard ( at low volume levels)

000_0611.... 68 kb

Tractrix 180 (22" diameter) and Tractrix 150 (33" diameter) in raw fiberglass just before going to the paint shop.

000B0411.... 100 kb

Pouring urethane into the Tractrix 150 mould

000_0698.... 52 kb

Tractrix 180 with rear chamber = Tractrix 80hz...2A3 on the right  ,SET 45 on the left...

000_0691.... 46 kb

Super tweeter platform will accommodate any tweeter...I've tried many!

000_0702.... 32 kb

Tractrix 150 on top of Lascala with a 1 cubic ft. rear enclosure tuned @ 100hz

000_0700.... 38 kb

Lowther DX3 in rear chamber prior to attaching horn

000_0705.... 29 kb

Lowther DX3 in the Tractrix 150 needs no super tweeter

000_0720.... 29 kb

That's a thick Tractrix 1" thick wood and fiberglass

000_0723.... 32 kb

Top view Tractrix 150

000_0726.... 26 kb

Lowther DX3 found a new home..

000_07261... 26 kb

Lowther DX3 / Tractrix 150 / Lascala

000_0751.... 39 kb

Hedlund and Mini Hedlund . I liked the style of the Hedlund so I had to make a mini. It sounds great too

000_0754.... 52 kb

Mini -Hedlund Weighing in at 120 lbs....

000_0771.... 49 kb

Stonehenge VI , 9 cubic ft bass reflex  tuned at 38hz..built with a combo of birch and MDF

000_0774.... 54 kb

PAudio 15 coax , 9 cubic ft. B.R. well braced

000_0222.... 89 kb

2 cubic ft. bass reflex subwoofer for Maserati

000_0223.... 69 kb


000_0228.... 66 kb

Maserati system

000_0822.... 44 kb

PAudio 15" Coax/ 15" Eminence / 9cubic ft. Bass Reflex / Tri-amped

000_0847.... 53 kb

Origional design 6.5 cubic ft. bass reflex for Tractrix 180 front horn

000_0855.... 33 kb

Tractrix 180 front horn set in a box to support it and the super tweeter. The cabinet matches a bass cabinet underneath.

000_0859.... 37 kb

Tractrix 180 on top of it's matching bass cabinet

000_0860.... 45 kb

Tractrix 180 Front horn powered by SET 2A3

000_0967.... 48 kb

On the Left in Birch and the right in MDF  This is truly the best sound that I've heard to date!

000_0957.... 48 kb

After experimenting with different box tuning , rear port or front port , I settled on this one and used Birch for front rear and internals

000_1007.... 34 kb

Homebrew 2A3 with Stepped Attenuators . Modified Loftin / White design

000_1032.... 42 kb

This is another very good sounding project involving the new 10" Super Audio Nirvana/ Open Baffle and an Eminence 15" in a bass reflex. This is the best sound for the buck that I've ever heard.

000_1074.... 38 kb

Monica 2 DAC (kit from DIY Paradise) with a 6H6p gain stage , sounds almost as good as vinyl

000_0989.... 45 kb

My favorite!

000_1184.... 56 kb

K15 Karlson with a dowel added to support the rear baffle

000_1191.... 54 kb

K15 Karlson first testing using a 150watt x 2 class-t amp and xm radio as a source.

000_1206.... 46 kb

Karlson K15 and Son K3.5

K15_K12_K... 45 kb

Karlson K15, K12, K8, K4 Bad Ass! DJ cabinets

000_1353.... 38 kb

A new Tang Band project with 4" full rangers

XXL-65SQ.... 55 kb

100_0373.... 49 kb

Lowther / 150Hz Front Horns with new MLTL 15 inch bass cabinets

Picture_2... 27 kb

Killer Tapered MLTL with MPYRE 6.5" woofer

100_0394.... 49 kb


100_0284.... 53 kb

Ball speaker project with full range crossoverless coaxial and active woofer

100_0634.... 58 kb

18" Diameter 300hz Tractrix Horn for 4" Fullrangers polished to a black piano finished. I finally own a pair of horns with WAF

100_0468.... 39 kb

Tractrix Entourage

100_0758.... 39 kb

10" Audio Nirvanas in a 150hz Tractrix Front Horns on top of Double 12" Push-Pull bass cabinets

100_0811.... 33 kb

Truncated Pyramid Tapered Quarter Wave Pipe for 3" Full range

100_0815.... 41 kb

Spawn of Frugle Harvey 1V1 . My favorite horn

100_0819.... 49 kb

Fostex 206E not right for this cabinet..way out of balance

100_0828.... 34 kb

10" Audio Nirvana sounds great in the Bruce 1v2 enclosure

111.jpg 100 kb

25 watt x 2 Class-T Amp from a kit by 41Hz.com  . At full volume, on pause, has absolutely no sound which works well with the efficiency of the Tractrix Horn.

100b_1147... 100 kb

I think that this is the worlds best subwoofer design. This is a Double 15" Push-Pull. I'll never build a bass horn again.

100c_1181... 92 kb

1000 watt class d amp rear

100a_1173... 84 kb

1000 watt Class D Audio amp kit that I built with a blank chassis that I picked up in China. Closest sound to my tube amps.

100_1491.... 100 kb

Tractrix 200hz with 6.5" Full range

100_1485.... 100 kb

Favorite set up at the moment

100_1562.... 100 kb

HID Fluval Edge Lighting

CAM00117.... 100 kb

Crappy pic of ML-TQWT

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