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denden11 (A), 18 images, 1677.19 kb.

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100_1513.... 73 kb

Listening Room--Martin Logan Prodigy

100_1495.... 95 kb

Prodigy and ASC Sound Planks

audio_002... 100 kb

Krell KSA 250 Amp on Custom Isolation Stand

100_1508.... 100 kb

Back of listening room

100_1506.... 100 kb

Equipment in isolated room.

100_1482.... 97 kb

Partial Batch of Vinyl

100_1485.... 100 kb

Solid Steel 6.4 Rack for Analogue

audio_003... 100 kb

VPI HW-19 w/TNT Platter, SAMA and Eminent

audio_004... 100 kb

Fabricated dustcover framework from PVC

audio_005... 100 kb

Step in rear for cable clearance

audio_006... 100 kb

Light weight full protection

audio_007... 100 kb

Anti static cover placed over framework

100_2031.... 14 kb

Homebrew cabinet isolation & leveling using Herbies SS Pucks.

100_2033.... 100 kb

Outrigger isolation for cabinet.

100_2034.... 98 kb

Finished product. Major audible improvement over casters.

100_1161.... 100 kb

My "Rock Star" nephew

100_1162.... 100 kb

El and Onno a.k.a.

100_1164.... 100 kb

Onno's tools of the trade!

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